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Insulated screwdrivers made right here in America 

Insulated screwdrivers by Quick-Wedge will protect electricians from up to 1000 Volts of electricity.

F1505-01 certified against 1000V (rated), we take electrical safety to a whole new level.

Made from the highest quality materials for over fifty years, electricians have trusted there professions to Quick-Wedge 1000v screw holding screwdrivers and other safety tools. Used in all manner of electrical work from commercial and residential applications worldwide, the pros trust Quick-Wedge.

The screwdriver electricians trust 

Electrician screwdrivers should be able to withstand years of use and abuse around the job site. We also know that not one screwdriver will do all jobs asked of it. For the convenience of our customers, Quick-wedge now offers Electrician screwdriver sets. Available in the most popular sizes, choose the right heads and set size for your tool box and save big.

1000v tools are an important in doing the job right as safety is such a big factor. Don't settle for anything less that Quick-Wedge 1000v electrician tools.