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Quick-Wedge Screw holding screwdrivers - The innovator of the split blade screwdriver

Screw holding screwdrivers has been at the center of Quick-Wedge business since 1952. Our tradition of manufacturing quality split blade screwdrivers right here in the USA is focused on quality today as it was over 50 years ago. We started our business on the old aged problem of how to keep a screw in place when no room prohibits the use of additional hands. Tight spaces like electrical terminals, engine bays and anywhere else where fastners are used in inclosed areas, Quick-Wedge holds screws and limits frustration and time.

Our screw holding split head screwdrivers are used in many industries throughout the world. Tradesmen prefer Quick-Wedge for its durability, highend components and ease of use. There isn’t a screw holding screwdriver on the market that holds screws like Quick-Wedge. You could say that Quick-Wedge is the authority in holding screwdrivers, after all it is our invention!